Booking conditions

Booking conditions

This lease is made on the terms and conditions set out on the first page and on the following general conditions :


The present rental is made for a duration which shall irrevocably begin and end on the days and times indicated herein. The lease may not be extended without the prior agreement of the lessor, the lessee thus accepting. The latter declares on his honour that he does not exercise and does not seek to exercise any profession in the rented premises and that the premises which are the subject of the present contract are rented to him only as a temporary residence, major conditions without which the present rental would not have been granted.


The lease ceases by operation of law on the expiry of the term fixed for the agreed rental period, without the need to give notice. However, the lease may be extended at the request of the Tenant, on condition that the Tenant notifies the Lessor at least 48 hours before leaving the premises. In such a case, and subject to the prior agreement of the lessor, a rider will be drawn up which will determine the new period and the amount of the rental.


The rental is agreed and accepted in return for the price mentioned on the site for the specified period.
The Tenant having paid a deposit of 30% of the rental price undertakes to take possession of the premises on the date of availability specified in the contract and to pay the balance of the rental price in accordance with the legislation in force, 30 days before the arrival date specified in the contract, regardless of illness, accident or unforeseen event. In the event that these conditions are not fulfilled, the Agent shall be entitled to immediately re-let the premises which are the subject of this contract. However, the lessee shall be obliged to pay the balance of the rent. If the premises could be re-rented, only the damage suffered by the owner and the fees due to the agency would remain payable by the defaulting lessee.


A deposit of 5,000 Euros is required in the form of a cheque when the contract is signed. It will be used to cover any damage that may be caused to the furniture or other objects in the rented premises.
The cheque will be returned or cashed within one month of the end of the rental contract, after deduction of the objects replaced, any repair costs, telephone bills and/or purchases of films made on the TV and additional cleaning if necessary.
The tenant acknowledges that he/she is obliged to bear the costs listed above, even if they exceed the amount of the security deposit.


The furniture and furnishings shall only suffer the depreciation resulting from the normal use for which they are intended. Those which, at the end of the present agreement, would be missing or would have been put out of order for another cause than normal wear and tear, shall be paid for or replaced by the Tenant. This clause also applies to paper, paint, stains and the building in general.
The Tenant must refrain absolutely from throwing objects (or cooking grease) into the washbasins, bathtubs, sinks, toilets, etc., that could obstruct the pipes, failing which he will be liable for the costs incurred in restoring these appliances to service. In this respect, due to the difficulties experienced during the season in obtaining the intervention of staff or a specialist company, the agency declines all responsibility for any delay in carrying out the necessary repairs. If necessary, the following will also be retained: the value of broken or cracked objects, the cost of washing or cleaning carpets, blankets, mattresses, bedding, etc. that have been stained.


In the event of failure to pay on the due dates, or of non-performance of any clause of the present agreement, and eight days after formal notice has remained unsuccessful, the owner or his agent may demand the immediate termination of the present agreement, and the Tenant must leave the rented premises by simple order of the judge in chambers.


The Tenant shall be required to take out insurance with a well-known insurance company against the risks of theft, fire and water damage, both for his rental risks and for the furniture rented out, as well as for recourse from neighbours, and to provide proof of this at the first request of the owner or his representative. Consequently, the latter decline all responsibility for the recourse that their insurance company could exercise against the tenants in the event of a disaster.


He is required to :

  • Occupy the premises personally (the list of occupants is recorded at the time of booking) and not to sublet, even free of charge, nor to transfer his rights to the present rental, except with the written agreement of the Lessor. He/she shall live in the rented premises on a bourgeois basis.
  • Respect the maximum number of occupants, i.e. 18 people,
  • Not to do anything which, by its own doing or that of its family or relations, might disturb the peace and quiet of the neighbourhood and of other occupants.
  • Do not bring any pets (dogs, cats, etc.) into the rented premises.
  • Do not use illegal download software with the internet connection of the rented premises.
  • The Tenant must report any anomalies observed by him/her within 48 hours of his/her arrival. After this period, the rented property will be considered, on the date of the tenant’s arrival, as free of damage and in conformity with the visual presentation (the photos being contractual) and the description of the equipment.
  • Not to make any alterations or changes in the arrangement of the furniture and premises, and to use the furniture and objects in the rented property for the purpose for which they are intended and in the places where they are located. It is strictly forbidden to transport them outside the rented premises.
  • Inform the lessor immediately of any damage and/or deterioration occurring in the rented premises, even if there is no apparent damage.
  • To allow the urgent work necessary to maintain the rented premises and the common equipment to be carried out without compensation.
  • Allow access to the people in charge of the maintenance of the garden, the swimming pool and the spa, on a weekly basis, or more in special cases.
  • Maintain the rented premises and return them in good order, with the rubbish bins disposed of and in a good state of repair at the end of the rental period. In accordance with the commune’s Local Urban Plan, it is formally forbidden to erect tents or bring caravans onto the properties. It is formally forbidden to organise events, parties, etc. in the rented premises without the written agreement of the lessor, on pain of immediate termination of the rental, the lessor reserving the right to take legal action in the event of a breach of this prohibition. Failure to comply with one or more of these obligations by one or more of the tenants may result in the immediate termination of the present contract, without reimbursement of sums paid or compensation.


The rental is equipped with a swimming pool, it is specified that this one has a safety system in conformity with the standards in force, in accordance with the article L128-2 of the code of the construction and the housing. These safety devices do not in any way replace parental supervision. Children remain under the full responsibility of their parents.
The swimming pool is a family pool and its use is reserved only for the tenants registered at the time of booking. It is forbidden to throw objects, pebbles or any other object or product into the water.
After using a cream, sun oil or any other greasy substance, users must rinse themselves off in the shower before bathing in the pool or spa.
If a stain appears on the liner due to sun oils or if the liner is damaged by misuse of the pool, the hirer will be charged for the replacement of the liner.
The water is treated weekly by a specialist. It is forbidden to touch the settings or the products used for the maintenance of the pool and/or spa. In the event of a change in the condition of the water, the hirer must inform the lessor immediately.


The Tenant must respect the arrival and departure times mentioned on the first page. The Tenant may not under any circumstances remain in the rented premises after the date and time set out in the rental contract, except in the case of an extension of the period by amendment. The Tenant agrees to check the inventory of fixtures online at the URL address provided to him on the day of his arrival. If no entry inventory has been made, the Tenant is presumed to have received the premises in a good state of repair and must return them as such, unless proven otherwise (art.1731 of the Civil Code). The inventory of fixtures at the end of the rental period is established in a contradictory manner, in the presence of the tenant or by validation by the latter if he is absent.
In the event of a dispute arising between the parties, the inventory of fixtures may be drawn up by a bailiff, at the expense of the Tenant (the cost being deducted from the security deposit).